PhD update: 4 months of 3rd year!

Well, long time no speak!

This year has kinda run away with itself already so I’ve got so much to update you on.

First up, I submitted an abstract for two conferences which were both accepted (I couldn’t believe it). One was for a 3-minute impact statement style presentation, while the other was in the form of an online poster presentation. 

Abstract writing was pretty tough, it seemed to take much longer than I thought it would and found it quite challenging to be so concise. However, I got there in the end. Top tip – always ask for feedback! For more abstract writing tips check out my Instragram account (see below).

This was the first time presenting at a conference since starting my PhD which were both virtual due to covid restrictions. I have to say they were both great but I do really miss in-person conferences. Something about sitting in front of a computer all day just isn’t the same!

For one of the conferences I had to pre-record my impact statement which was a bit weird and the perfectionist in me kept wanting to re-record it but I was strong and managed to do it in two takes! 

The other conference used a really cool platform called GatherTown where you created an avatar and you could “walk” around the “conference centre” and drop in and out of conversations. It was really effective actually! This also made it super fun and easy to look at everyone’s poster and really imitate an in-person conference which I really enjoyed.  

Then to my absolute surprise, I won joint first for my poster at one of the conferences and I couldn’t be prouder!

Next up, my partner and I moved flats! It felt like such an ordeal doing this during a pandemic and at an extremely busy time for us both work-wise. But we managed it in the end and I think we’re pretty settled now. I have a desk now and it’s a massive game-changer!! No more sitting at the tiny kitchen table with my laptop. I also treated myself to a monitor and some fun LED lights so it’s a really nice working set up. Check out my set-up here.

Then a paper I co-authored was published, this was again another really proud moment. It took a while to get to the publication stage with several rounds of review but I’m so pleased we persevered as I really do love this paper (check it out here).

Then finish off, I’ve been super busy in the lab working through important samples for my PhD so needless to say my blog has been neglected. I really want to get back into blogging so I plan to create a bit more of a schedule as I have lots of ideas, it’s just getting around to doing them!

Let me know what you’ve been up in the last couple of months, I’d love to hear.

Thanks for reading, see you in the next one.

Beth x

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