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I’m Beth, a final-year PhD student living in Leeds. My PhD project is in the field of platelet biology in the context of cardiovascular disease. When I’m not in the lab, I like to practice yoga, read and spend time with my family & friends.

I have a knack for buying plants which inevitably my lovely boyfriend Zach ends up looking after (thank you).

I love being a scientist, it is a huge part of my identity and I wanted to share that. I started this blog back in 2020 during the first COVID lockdown, partly because I was having an identity crisis with the labs being closed and partly because I’m hugely passionate about science communication. It’s given me the opportunity to share my PhD journey through the pandemic, as well as helped me to improve my writing skills and gain confidence in public speaking. I want to make science accessible to everyone and encourage people to pursue a career in the world of STEM.

I also share my journey on Instagram & YouTube!

Thanks for following me on this journey!

Much love,


aka Bethology

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