Day 2 of Lockdown 2.0

Here in England we went into a 4 week Lockdown yesterday (5th Nov 2020) and I’m feeling pretty anxious about it. This was inevitable really and I’m not going to go on about what we should have done and when, I’ll be here all day otherwise and I think I’m tired of the frustration about the whole thing to be honest. 

I found the last one exceptionally hard! It was a lot harder than I ever anticipated but I have to remember that I got through it. The last couple of weeks have been tough for me for a multitude of reasons that I won’t go into right now but it just feels like this second lockdown is really the final straw for me. I’m disappointed and angry. I’m not against a national lockdown but I do feel like this could have been earlier/prevented. I feel for all the independent businesses that will suffer through and my heart goes out to those who have lost someone due to the virus, I can’t even begin to imagine how’re they’re feeling throughout all of this! 

This time I know it will be different (at least for me), I can still go to the labs and at least try to move my project along in some way or another which is something positive at least. It may not be ideal but it’s certainly better than nothing and I’m really lucky that I’m still on my PhD programme and I’m still getting paid. While it may not be the PhD I thought I was going to get it’s still something and I know I will come out with my PhD in the end.

I think this time, I’m going to try and be more honest with myself and others about how this whole process has affected my mental health. I think in the first lockdown I was in a bit of denial and struggled through it whereas this time I’m going to keep tabs on my moods and how I’m feeling in order to manage my mental health. 

And let’s be honesty need to cut myself some slack, we all do! This won’t be productive, as much as I’d love it to be. It wasn’t last time and it won’t be this time and that’s totally ok. 

Things I’m going to ~try~ do to get through this 2nd lockdown:

  • Get up & get dressed every day 
  • Move my body in some way every day 
  • Create a routine (thankfully being in the labs will help with this)
  • Schedule in some down time 
  • Use app limits and productivity timers to help me avoid distraction (I feel like I’m on news overload and looking to social media for some escape)
  • Date nights with my bf 
  • Reduce screen time before bed
  • Drink water 
  • Early to bed 
  • Be kinder to myself 

What are you planning on doing to look after your mental health during lockdown 2? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

If you’re having a tough time at the moment and fancy a chat, my DMs are always open!

If you’re really struggling through this uncertain time please reach out to someone, you don’t have to go through this alone. There are several charities in the UK that are there to help during this crisis:

Remember to look after yourself during this tough time ahead. This isn’t the time to be super productive so don’t feel bad if you can’t manage much, it’s ok! Self-care isn’t just a trend it’s really important to our mental health and is something we need to prioritise now more than ever. Make sure you schedule in some self-care time each day to take some time out of all the uneasiness that’s happening right now.

I hope you’re ok!

We’ll get through this, I know we will!

Stay safe,

Beth x

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