August Favourites

Goodbye August, hello September! Where has the time gone?! I don’t know whether it’s because I’m still in an academic environment but I always like to reflect and check in when it comes to September. Since we’re now coming to the end of summer here in the UK, I thought I’d do a round up of all my favourite things throughout August, for us to try and get to know each other a little better. Enjoy!

TV shows
Over the month of August, Zach and I finished The US Office, while it took me a few seasons to get into it I really enjoyed once I was hooked. Sometimes you’ve just gotta warm to the characters and tap into the style of comedy to enjoy it. We’ve recently started watching Game of Thrones, I’ve already seen it but Zach hasn’t so we’re powering through. He seems to enjoy it so far which is good. I’m excited to re-watch it because I’ll have forgotten so much and it will be nice to get a fresh perspective on it. We also watch some YouTube series such as Good Mythical Morning and Corridor Crew, they’re short and easy to watch. Something to defo wind down to after a long day. As for my own personal watches, I’m on season 3 of Dear White People, I’m very invested and I will admit to binging it! And, I’ve just sold my soul and started watching Selling Sunset, I tried to resist but the reality TV Gods lured me in. I’m enjoying it so far, and again it’s an easy watch! What are your fave TV shows at the min?

We’ve not watched many films at home recently, we’ve been hardcore into the TV shows (as you can see above) but since the cinemas have re-opened we’ve treated ourselves to some cinema dates. The cinemas are showing loads of old films as this years release schedules has changed due to COVID. We saw The Matrix first for its 20 year anniversary, oh boy, it’s even better on the big screen. It’s such a clever film and so amazingly shot! I’ve never seen it in cinema as I was too young when it came out but watching it on the big screen, how its supposed to be seen, is really something else. I highly recommend if you get the chance! We next saw Pulp Fiction (two days after The Matrix, we definitely missed the cinema). I have to admit, I’ve only seen Pulp Fiction once and that was only last year. Again, just like with The Matrix, it really was a great experience on the big screen. You notice things you never noticed before, and I throughly enjoyed it. I think we want to go see TENET next, Christopher Nolan’s new release. If it’s anything like Inception or The Dark Knight trilogy, it’ll be a good’un. Have any of you been to the cinema yet? If so, what have you seen?

I like my skincare & make-up and to be honest, it doesn’t change much but I’ll give you the lowdown seeing as though it is my first favourites post. Let’s start with skincare, my favourite exfoliating scrub at the moment (and probs forever) has to be The Body Shop Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Exfoliator, it’s not too rough and foams nicely while leaving you feeling refreshed and exfoliated. I also love their Camomile Gentle Eye make-up Remover, I’ve found that since using this my eye lashes feel much healthier. Since lockdown, I’ve become somewhat of a bath covert, I never really got on board with baths, I was definitely a shower person but now I’m all here for a bath these days! Some of the bath products I’ve been using are the Abracadabra bubble stick and the Rocket Science bath bomb both from Lush – they smell and feel lovely. Moving onto make-up, again quite minimal and unlikely to change anytime soon, I’ve been using Boy Brow by Glossier and oh boy (brow) it’s amazing. Easy to use, keeps the brows in place all day and a little goes a long way. Another I’ve been using from Glossier is their Lash Slick, I’ve been on the hunt for a cruelty free mascara and I think this might be the one (for now). And lastly, I’ve been really enjoying Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, it’s a tinted moisturiser that leaves your skin feeling and looking amazing, it’s even SPF 30 which for a pale girl like me, is great!

Since lockdown has started ease here in the UK we’ve been eating out at some really lovely places in Leeds. We’ve gone to Doner Summer a few times now and oh wow it’s soooo good. It’s vegan junk food and it’s so tasty, they do take out or dine in and if you live in Leeds or York be sure to check them out, it will not disappoint! I highly recommend the Classic Fried Chick’n or the Korean BBQ Teller Tray. We’ve also been trying HelloFresh so tha I can try to get more confident at cooking. I’ve been enjoying it so far, I’ll be honest everything tastes great and some recipes are really easy to follow but some are a little confusing so I have made some of my own changes to some of the recipes. My favourite recipes so far are the Pork Ragu, the Peanut Butter Lentil Curry & the Teriyaki Tofu. What are you favourite foods at the moment?

I’ve been working my way through The Book Thief, I’m really enjoying it so far. It’s set in Germany during the WWII, I think it’s uniquely written and a very interesting story. I won’t spoil it if you haven’t already read it, but I definitely recommend giving it a read. I really want to read more so I’m trying to make time for at home reading. What are you currently reading?

I really enjoy listening to podcasts, I think depending on which ones they can be super informative and sometimes really relaxing to listen to. My current favourite is Might Delete Later with sisters, Stevie and Gina Martin. Stevie is a writer and comedian, while Gina is known for campaigning and successfully changing the law about up-skirting here in the England. I met Gina one of her book events and she’s awesome, an absolute force to be reckoned with and gives me major faith in humanity. Their podcast is about social media, which is something I’m fascinated about. They both have different views and opinions on social media and chat to guests about their relationship with social media. It’s so good, the guests they have are brilliant, and the energy both Stevie and Gina bring to the podcast is amazing. I highly recommend listening to this if you haven’t already, it’s funny, super insightful and gets you thinking about your own social media habits. What podcast’s are you listening to right now? 

I have to admit, I’m not down with the kids when it comes to music (I’m aware I sound 85), I tend to listen to the same things a lot, on repeat. You can find me mixing between Florence + The Machine, Lady Gaga & Lizzo. However, I’ve been trying to somewhat mix it up recently and I’ve been really enjoying the Easy 00’s playlist on Spotify, the 00’s had some cracking tunes and it takes me back to my school days! Another one I’ve been having on repeat is Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles (I’m aware I’m late the party but I arrived and I’m loving it). And lastly, it wouldn’t be a Beth Webb favourites without a Lady Gaga song, I’ve been listening to Rain On Me by Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande A LOT (I think Zach might actually be sick of it haha). What are your fave tunes at the moment?

Lastly, here are some great accounts that I love following, be sure to check them out:

What accounts do you love following right now?

This turned out a bit longer than I expected, I hope you managed to stay with me until the end! I hope this gives you more of an insight into me as a person and the kind of things I like. Let me know some of your favourites at the moment, I’d love to hear to from you. 

Thanks for reading!

Beth x

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